Custom Pokemon Spacebar Artisan Keycap – BR1902


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🌟 We are thrilled to present our intricately crafted Pokemon keycap, capturing the unique charm of this Pokémon with creativity and distinctive style. Elevate your mechanical keyboard with the Pokemon keycap, adding a touch of whimsy and unmatched personalization.

⭐ Specifications:

✔️ 100% Handmade Resin Keycap
✔️ Material: Resin
✔️ Profile Keycap : SA
✔️ Compatible MX Cherry Switches Keyboard
✔️ The keycap comes in various sizes (ranging from 1U to 6.25U) depending on its intended position:
✔️ ESC: 1u
✔️ Ctrl: 1.25u
✔️ Tab: 1.5u
✔️ Caps Lock: 1.75u
✔️ BackSpace: 2u
✔️ Enter/Shift; 2.25u
✔️ Space: 6.25u

📝 This meticulously crafted keycap is handmade and designed to seamlessly fit Cherry MX switches and their clones, ensuring a perfect integration with your mechanical keyboard.

📝 Important Note: Please note that the final product may have slight variations from the original photos. We appreciate your understanding of these minor differences.
To enhance the keycap’s durability, it is advisable to keep it away from heat and water. For cleaning, use a damp tissue on the surface

Custom Pokemon Spacebar Artisan Keycap - Breakwooden BR2812
Custom Pokemon Spacebar Artisan Keycap - BR1902